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Can I really grow my numbers though?

Just like you, I doubted the power that reels have, in fact, I had told myself that I would not be found participating in that crazy trend. I admit that part of it was because I had tried out Tik Tok and I had failed, dismally! I made a mental note that I was not going to put myself through that again, guess who is using reels now?

Yes, me! Do they work? Yes, they do. For the last two years, I have not had a lot of time to work on my personal Instagram. It was stuck on the same number of followers for a while until I stepped into the unknown and boom, the numbers moved UPWARDS! Let me tell you what I have learnt! What are these reels?


You know how you prioritize making a content calendar, yes, you need to do the same for your reels. Make sure that each reel ties to your brand and is informative but fun. So when you are planning, be sure to include the topics, the script, and the music you are going to use as well. It also means you cut down on the time you use when you are recording the content. Here is a blog that has tools you could use for content planning.


I too wondered how to make it make sense with my brand because sometimes the songs are really wild! A trick I picked up from Instagrammer @shinewithnatasha is that you can let the music play, you vibe to it whilst the text is filled with nuggets! Using trending songs helps you reach a wider audience, so go for it!


This is one task that really makes me want to pull my hair out because WHY MUST WE DO IT? We must do it because the platform makes it difficult for your content to be found without hashtags. So what is the hack? Use the hashtags that have 20K-500K, you have a better chance of your content reaching a wider audience. You may be thinking, but that influencer doesn’t use any, well, they already have the numbers! Small to medium accounts definitely need to make us of the hashtags. Check out this article that proves my theory.


Stop trying to be someone else, stop it! I know somewhere in your head you think because that person succeeded you would too. That is not how it works, at some point you are going to run out of copycat juice. Sometimes people can pick up your inauthenticity, and that does not work in your favor either. There is a big number of people waiting to experience you and your story, do not starve them!


Pre-record on that one day when you have the energy and keep a stack of content. I understand not always having the energy or the time so I am the queen of pre-recording! It also helps you with staying consistent.


Instagram has not given us Reel insights but the plays, likes, and comments tell you what people are responding to and what they have no interest in. So watch those numbers carefully and listen to your audience.

And that is all from me! Now that I have handed you the little tools I have please go and use them and come back with the feedback. Have fun!