Phew! You are still here. This means we don’t have to go through the awkward phone call where we beg you to believe in us because you do believe in us! Thank you, let’s get to shopping.

Website Packages


Basic website from r5000

What is a basic website? This is basically your home on the internet, you get to tell people what you are about, the services you provide, where they can find you and experience your unique brand.

Please note that we do not cover the hosting and domain charges.

E-commerce website from  R10000

Allow your customers to purchase your product from the comfort of their home! We are living in a digital world, do not be left behind. Call us, let’s get the ball rolling!

Please note that we do not cover the hosting and domain charges.

Website revamp from r4000

So you have a website, but you got it designed years ago and it does not live up to your brand anymore? We got you, and you know what to do!

Please note that this involves redoing each page from scratch.

Social Media Package

Team work makes the dream work!


This packages involves you and us working together. Many people struggle with figuring out what to put out there or how to do it. That’s where we come in, we will give you a monthly content calendar and we will edit your captions to suit the platform you would have chosen.  Our creative team is ready to work with you!

Please note the pricing is per platform.


Package 1

This package is for a calendar with 12 posts per month.

Package 2

This package is for a calendar with 20 posts per month.

Design and wisdom for the brand!


Are we that wise? Well, we are going to confidently say yes! So with this package we will give you great graphics for your content calendar and at the end of each month we will jump on a call with you to advise how best to tweak your calendar for better reach and engagement. Please note this is over a 30 minute call.

Please note the pricing is per platform.


Package 1

This package includes 4 graphics.

Package 3

This package includes 12 graphics.

Package 2

This package includes 8 graphics.

 Copy, paste and watch the magic!


All we are saying is, give us your content calendar, we will give you kick ass copy (captions) plus graphics. All you have to do is copy and paste it onto your social media and watch the magic happen! Did we mention how ready we are for you?

Please note the pricing is per platform.


 Package 1

This package includes 4 graphics and 4 captions.

Package 3

This package includes 12 graphics and 12 captions.

Package 2

This package includes 8 graphics and 8 captions.

Graphic Design Packages


LOGO from r2500

Remember the little chat we had on the home page about the importance of a DOPE logo? Great! This is the part where you choose to be a wise person and pay for one.

Please note that pricing depends on the number of samples required.


Take a minute to imagine that you are at an event with the right people, we are talking potential investors and partners. Someone asks for your card and… you don’t have one. Yikes! Do the right thing!

Please note that pricing depends on required samples.


Ok, we see you! You already got everything else on lock except, design is not really your thing. The YouBeYou team is here to assist you! Just pick up the phone and call us.

Please note that pricing depends on the number of graphics desired.

Deposits, Payments & Contracts.

We have a strict NO DEPOSIT, NO WORK policy which applies to all graphic and website design projects. We require a 50% deposit.

When it comes to our social media packages, the full payment is required before work commences.

If anyone says they are a part of us and do not offer you a contract RUN! We will always send you our contract for signing before you make the payment. Otherwise what are you paying for?


Contact Details


Phone: +27640370563


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